Dancing in the Aisles

by Catie Gosselin

While grocery shopping this weekend, I stumbled upon a small miracle in the baking goods aisle. It was late, the store was closing, and I was on a quest for bagels. James Taylor played over the intercom as I approached my target aisle. Rather than the cake mix display, the first thing to catch my eye was a teenaged couple dancing to 'Your Smiling Face'. Unaware of my presence, they dipped and twirled to a song written long before their births.

It was so sweet to see the absolute happiness in their faces as they unabashedly enjoyed the music and each other's company. They were in the moment, with no emotional walls present. I can remember how it felt, before changes brought on by responsibility and time created 'the out-in-public' mask. What a sense of freedom to enjoy yourself, as you want, without regard to whether or not it is appropriate.

I suppose all is not lost, however. Once I had kids, I gained the ability to sing 'Elmo's Song' at the top of my lungs with my youngest or before the kids settle down for the night, to give my rendition of an
Operatic trill with the windows wide open (I'm sure my neighbors love that!). I've become a master of silly walks, goofy faces and ridiculous puns since I have become a Mama.

One of the greatest gifts of motherhood is the reminder not to take life so seriously. Grown-ups may be responsible for paying the bills and supervising vegetable consumption, but that doesn't mean we have to live without a little fun.

Copyright 2001 Catie Gosselin. 
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