Creative Storybook Reading

by Rachel Webb

A child development specialist once told me that if you can read a book to your child in less than three minutes, you have wasted your time. 

Real quality reading time should include your child asking questions, pointing at pictures, and interacting. As all parents, grandparents, and caregivers know, our kids tend to pick the same book to read over and over and over. Let's face it, reading can get boring for the adults! Here are a few tips on ways that parents can keep reading interesting while helping   children build important developmental skills.

Use Animated Voices
Read the story using a different voice for each character. My father read the J.R.R. Tolkien series to us as children and his Golum and Bilbo Baggins voices were the best!

Leave out words
When reading, leave out words or parts of sentences for your child to fill in.

Read with accents
If you find yourself getting bored with a book, start reading with an English, French or Spanish accent!

Sing the story
Make up a tune and start singing. If you aren't good at making up tunes, pick a familiar classical or folk song.

Change the words
In reading my kids' favorite books, I keep my own attention by changing the main characters name constantly throughout the story. My kids find it a fun game to correct me. For older kids try changing the sentence or word at the end of every page to see if my kids can catch the mistake. Start with outrageous words (Hippopotamus or Pickle work well) that have nothing to do with the story at first but make it harder as they catch on.

Read the book backwards
This won't work for all books, but it's lots of fun to try!

Make up a new story
A good children's book should tell a story that makes sense without the printed words. Help your child make up a new story that fits the pictures.

Word search
If the kids know their alphabet, teach them a simple word, then have them find or count how many times the word is used in the story.
Whatever way you read - make it fun!

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