Build Self Confidence: Five Steps to a More Confident You

by Gail Miller

Why on earth are we so tough on ourselves? So many of us feel worthless, compare ourselves unfavorably with others and fall for the media images of "perfect" people we are bombarded with every day and week. So, how can we raise our self esteem and boost our own body images? Here are a few tips to build self-confidence:

1. Pamper Yourself
Many of us spend so much of our time looking after and nurturing others, there's no time left for ourselves. Try to set aside an hour a week for a lovely aromatherapy bath. Give yourself a manicure or pedicure. Even just putting aside time to read a book or do nothing makes us feel that we are worth something too. If you want to go the whole hog, book a treatment at the hair salon, have a facial or a massage.

2. Don't Say - Do
"I really ought to go to the gym". "I should really stop smoking". Stop saying and do it. STARTING NOW. Don't put off those shoulds and oughts one minute longer. Life's too short.

3. Healthy Body, Healthy Mind
Regular exercise can boost physical and mental health. Why not put on your favorite CD and dance round the lounge. You may feel a little silly at first, but you will enjoy it, and it will do you good too!

4. Follow Your Dream
Did you always want to paint, but never got around to it /  family commitments inhibited it / you never seemed to find the time for it? Maybe you wanted to work with animals, but as your life progressed you needed money so took any job which came along and enabled you to pay the bills. Do you always regret not joining that amateur dramatics club? Well, now is the time to revive those dreams. Your confidence soars when you do what you REALLY want to do. Don't let excuses get in the way. Find a way to follow your dream. 

5. Just Say No
Do you often feel just like a doormat? Do friends, acquaintances and even family walk over you? If so, try saying "no" sometimes. If you are already over stretched why should you take on even more responsibility? Are you afraid people will dislike you if you refuse to accommodate them? Well that's bad luck. Just try saying no next time you really don't want to do something. You will be amazed at how empowered you feel.

Copyright 2000 by Gail Miller. Reprinted with permission. 
Gail Miller, is webmaster of Aromatherapy For ADHD & Autism in Children  and Mind, Body 'n' Soul

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