Clutter-free Gift Ideas: How to Give Stuff That's Not "Stuff"

No one wants to accumulate more clutter, but that's what a lot of people end up with after birthdays and holidays.

If you want to give gifts that are sure to be appreciated (and not donated in the next yard sale), consider the following five clutter-free gift ideas.

1. Give a Gift Card. While these cards have become somewhat equated with thinking of a gift idea at the last minute, they are still appreciated by people who are looking to get exactly what they want out of a present.

Instead of going for the standard "superstore" gift card, try to find a specialty gift card that reflects the type of things that the recipient is most interested in.

Try to find out about their favorite store or activity and buy a card that deals with that. Look online for niche specialty stores. Or order a gift card from an online store that will allow you to customize the gift card, including the recipient's name and even a special message.

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2. Clutter-free gifts need to rely on aspects besides physical substance to have an impact. Your gift needs to have emotional weight for the recipient. Giving a gift that will make memories for the recipient is a way to give something that will truly have an impact on their lives.

One of the best ways to do this is to give the gift of travel. Sending someone you love on a cruise or paying their way on a train trip is a terrific way to bestow a gift on a person.

Some online travel sites offer gift cards in various denominations that the recipient can apply toward the trip of their choice.
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3. Help your friend or loved one make memories locally by treating them to an afternoon or evening at a local attraction. Kids will enjoy tickets to the movies or pass to a local arcade or bounce house. Adults will appreciate a round of golf, a day at the spa or a trip to a fancy restaurant. You could also treat your gift recipient to a class in something they are interested in. Most recreation departments in moderate to large sized cities offer classes on everything from baking bread to balancing your checkbook. If you're going to go this route, definitely choose the class more like the former than the latter. You can make the experience more fun by enrolling yourself as well so you can attend together.

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4. Ask Yourself: What would they buy anyway? Clutter-free gifts can help your friends and family members get something that they would normally get for themselves anyway. For example, you could give them a month's worth of the gardening service or maid service that they already use. You could also buy them a professional carpet cleaning. For something a little lower budget, you can purchase prepaid credits to get their digital pictures printed.

5. For a gift that keeps on giving year-round, try a gift-of-the-month club. Whether the gift recipient is fond of fruits or has a penchant for red meat, there are gift-of-the-month clubs for every taste. Each month, your gift recipient will receive fresh food or other items. In addition to food of the month clubs, you can also find spa items, wines, flowers and DVDs that can arrive on their doorstep every month. And you needn't commit to a full year of gifting. Most clubs have more affordable options that allow you to give for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.

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No matter what type of clutter-free gift you get, the recipient will be sure to be thankful if you choose one from this list.