Christmas Gifts for Neighbors: 15 Ideas for Sweet and Simple Gifts

by Susie Michelle

The more holiday cheer we can spread, the better, especially in our own neighborhoods.

Here are some ideas for simple, sweet, inexpensive gifts that are just right.

1. Holiday Cookies. Carve out a day to spend with your favorite ladies, and bake away. Pool your recipes and divvy up the goodies into gift bags or decorative plastic gift trays at the end of the day. 

2. Have a stack of classic chocolates on hand. My kids' school has a fundraiser in September so we can buy just such incidental gifts, along with gift wrap. If you don't have such a fundraiser in your neighborhood, you might think about starting one. If you are just looking for some yummy chocolates to stock up on, Ferrero Rocher is a big favorite, and these chocolates can be purchased inexpensively in beautiful holiday arrangements at most discount stores. It's nice to have a stack of extra gifts like these in the cabinet during the holidays, when you never know when you'll need an extra gift.

You'll find more food related ideas on our Great Gifts blog, including some adorable and surprisingly affordably personalized petit fours.

3. A bottle of a favorite (and relatively inexpensive) wine. Buy by the case, use a coupon code and save big. coupons are here.

4. A journal and a nice pen. It's nice to have a special place to record their favorite personal thoughts of family memories. 

5. Homemade crafts. If you're a scrapbooker, make a mini holiday album. If you love to sew, fashion some new placemats or potholders. And if you are not craft inclined, shop for neighborhood gifts at your local holiday craft fair. These are great for finding inexpensive holiday gifts that are often just sentimental enough. 

6. Favorite fixins. Combine the dry ingredients of your favorite sugar cookie recipe in a plastic bag and slide it into an inexpensive Christmas stocking. Print the baking ingredients on a festive tag, and use a pretty ribbon to tie it to the stocking, along with a holiday cookie cutter. 

7. Fresh flowers. A simple bouquet of flowers, artfully arranged, is always welcome, especially when it arrives with a heartfelt note. Potted plants are wonderful, too. 

8. Wreaths or poinsettias. There's always room for more holiday greenery. 

9. Gift certificates for your local favorite coffee house, café, or soup restaurant.

10. Movie tickets (and if the family has young children, throw in an offer to babysit, too.) 

11. An assortment of candles in festive shades and aromas, or an aromatherapy diffuser and essential oils. Scents of peppermint and cinnamon are especially lovely this time of year. 

12. A personalized ornament for the neighbor's holiday tree. 

13. Simple photo albums or photo frames that match your neighbor's décor. 

14. An inspiring book of quotes or meditations. 

15. A simple note telling each neighbor what they bring to your life and how much you value their friendship. 

Happy holidays from our neighborhood to yours! 

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