Have a Channeled Holiday

by Suzanne Falter-Barns

"Trying hard comes from fear and doubt and causes you to draw from the limited resources of your intellect. When you apply the law of least effort you draw from a much larger pool of resources; the creative faculties of imagination and intuition within your inner conscious mind. Trying hard bypasses the natural processes of incubation and illumination where inspiration is drawn. Least effort means less tension, anxiety, controlling and more ease, trust and faith."
Coach John Felitto

Up here in the North Country in my little town (pop. 652) the talk this holiday season is of the mall …. As in, ‘Oh no… you have to go to the MALL?’ Human gridlock is common there during holiday season, mainly because it’s one of the few places one can actually buy holiday gifts.

Personally, I’m all for the effortless holiday, because nothing kills the sprit of the season faster than huge lines, testy fellow-shoppers, mammoth credit card bills, mounting stress and sore feet. What I propose instead is a channeled holiday.

Instead of making list after list of what you should buy and then tramping off to find it, how about doing this the easy way? I recommend tuning into your higher consciousness about what Friend/Love One/Work Associate wants and needs this holiday season. In other words, why not channel your gift list?

For those who are having a momentary twinge of ‘Isn’t Suzanne being a tad wooh-wooh?’, bear with me. Wouldn’t it be worth it to be able to stay merry and bright all month, even if you had to light a few candles and do a little visualizing?

I know for a fact that great information can be obtained simply by tuning into your intuition/spiritual guidance, and picking up your marching orders there. That’s what I do … and I manage to stay pretty cool amidst the holiday madness.

Here is a fun, guided exercise to try when you can make about 15-30 minutes of quiet time for yourself. (I guarantee this will turn out to be hours saved!)

Channeled Holiday Gift Exercise

(Read through this entire exercise before you do it, please. Then print it out so the questions are in reach.)

Begin by setting the mood. Pick a tranquil place where you can get a lot of thinking done simply by hanging around. The local Starbucks or your favorite walking trail may be too distracting. Instead, think of a quiet corner of your home, a spot by the fireplace, or the bathtub. Light a few candles (never leave them burning unattended), evoke a little mood music, send the kids or others out for a play date, and turn off all phones. Do whatever makes you feel most spiritually connected.

Take a large pad of blank art or newsprint paper and a sturdy, free flowing marker and put them nearby along with the questions below. Then sit or lounge in a comfortable position.
Allow your mind to empty out; listen to your breathing and feel the air on your skin. Really take time to mentally slow down, relaxing each part of your body in your mind. Give yourself time to evoke a little gratitude, too. What are you most grateful for this holiday season?

Then when you’re ready, reach for your paper with eyes open or closed and begin to write the response to the questions below. (If you choose eyes closed, you can always go back over your scribbles after the exercise and re-write them neatly.)

Allow your pen to move across the page as if of its own free will, providing the answers you seek. This requires a simple emptying of the mind. Just let the answers be whatever they will be … you have nothing at stake here. Simply relax and let the flow pass through you.

Ask yourself these questions:
1. Who needs my attention and comfort this holiday season?
2. What specifically do these people need from me?
3. Where can I easily find this gift, or the resources to make it?
4. What else should I know?

The answers may well surprise you; some will seem overly simple, others may seem impossible. Just allow the flow to keep on guiding you, once you have information in hand. You may get the message, ‘Buy Aunt Mary a hot water bottle at the Vermont Country Store’, but you live in Detroit and have no intention of going to Vermont. The Web should be your first stop for figuring out obscure clues, and looking up names of businesses you’ve never heard before. (This is actually how one woman recently found my Self Help Author’s Crash Course … she heard my name in a meditation and Googled it.)
You may also be called upon to give gifts that have no bearing on your current reality - for instance, a card or gift for an old elementary school teacher. I contend these channeled bits of information are all about making the world more harmonious in general, even when it doesn’t appear to benefit us directly. So it’s a good idea to take care of even those tasks, without trying to see where it will lead.

In fact, acts of generosity are always rewarded. Always ! The most direct reward is the immediate satisfaction of making another human feel better about life. You and I both know how wonderful that feels.
So, I urge you to put aside the frantic to-do lists and cancel the after-work holiday shopping trip … or at least put it off for a few days. Instead, make a little time to tune in and learn a more direct way of providing happiness. You’ll be better for it, and so will the world at large.

About the author:
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