Ten Ways to Feel Absolutely Brilliant

by Gail Miller

We all feel a little down in the mouth from time to time, but there are things we can do to make ourselves feel full of vim and vigor again, you know. Here are some of my tips to make you feel absolutely brilliant again.

Decide to do something different from your usual routine. Take a different route to work. Get off the bus a few stops short and walk the rest of the way. Have a salad lunch for a change, if you usually have sandwiches. Make a small change. 

Book yourself a holiday. Even if you can only afford a weekend away. The change of scene will make you feel energized again. You might even meet someone new if you're single!

Take responsibility for your actions. Do you usually blame circumstances or other people when something goes wrong in your life? If so then try to remember only you can be in charge of your own destiny. You can't change the world, you can only change yourself. Once you take responsibility for what happens to you, you can take action and move forwards. 

Ever heard the saying "Act your age, not your shoe size"? Well, for once, why not act your shoe size and not your age? Go to the park and have a go on the swings. Take the kids with you, chase around and make lots of noise. Laugh and have FUN!

Try to fit some exercise into your schedule. Not only will you start to look better, you will start to feel better too. 

Try to make someone else feel good. How often do you do something completely unselfish? It is amazing how good you will feel by making someone else's day. Help an old person, make a stranger smile, have a conversation with a lonely person. Helping others is excellent for the soul.

Take the lead in your relationship. Show your man you are feeling frisky. Many males are turned on by an assertive woman. Let him know, in no uncertain terms that you're feeling passionate.
Stop thinking "I'll do it tomorrow". Do you have something praying on your mind that you need to start or complete? Well, make today the day to DO IT!

Look after yourself, with a lovely relaxing bath, facial and/or foot massage, in fact anything that makes YOU feel good. After all you're worth it!

Be thankful for what you have got, not resentful about what you haven't. I am sure if you look around you, you can find many others far worse off than you are. So count your blessings.

Copyright 2000 by Gail Miller. Reprinted with permission. 
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