Ten Areas of Abundance in Your Life Right Now

by Julie Jordan Scott

Focusing on Abundance does something amazing: it brings an awareness of plenty in forms that we do not expect. Looking through this filter of abundance invites more abundance into your life. While it might sound strange, it works! 
Are you stumped to see your abundance today? Here are ten to get you started:

You have an abundance of occasions to touch other people. A simple kind word can change the course of someone else's life today. Speak kindly to the clerk in the grocery store, dry cleaners or the telesales person. Watch what happens. Abundance!

You have an abundance of choices to make, all of which can go towards the positive. What to wear? The outfit that makes you look your best! What to eat? The foods that make your body work the best! How to greet your co-workers? With a sincere compliment. Abundance!

You have an abundance of patience. What? Your schedule is jam-packed, you have three teens with incredible schedules, your refrigerator is empty and as you were getting dressed you ripped a whole in your socks or stockings? Well, cry out for patience, take a second to ask if this will all REALLY affect you a week from now. Breathe.

You have an abundance of creative ideas. Everything you do can provide connections to solving the challenges of daily life. Simply look at everything through a slightly different filter. Maybe for a day you will look for similarities in all the objects you encounter that day. As you flex your brain, it will do amazing things! Abundance!

You have an abundance of smiles and laughter. Try this, drive around with a contented smile on your face, and watch the other drivers. By yourself now, not with others in the car. You will be amazed at the other drivers. They will see you AND smile back. It is fantastic how this feels, after ten minutes you will be giggling like a child! Abundance!

You have an abundance of stories. Everything that happens to you can be woven into a story to share with the people in your life. Tell your stories. Record them, write them down. My daughter is named Emma because I asked her great grandma to tell me a story. I found that her mother was a mid wife in Missouri in the late 19th and early 20th century. I spitfire named Emma, hence came my Emma. She completely lives up to her namesake. Abundance! 

You have an abundance of interesting people in your life. Truly, try conversing with people differently today, as if you are mining for gold when you ask them questions. Just as you have literally an infinite number of bridge building stories, so do they. The most wonderful and strongest bridges are supported by many. Abundance!

You have an abundance of resources right at your fingertips. The internet is literally a huge library, one that is growing and changing every moment. Interested in ANYTHING? Do a search, find your answers. Dig deeper, ask more questions. Abundance! 

You have an abundance of new skills you can acquire. I picked up skating at 36 years old. Sure, I broke my arm during the first lesson. And yes, the cast came off and I was right back at the rink. Say no to limiting beliefs and learn a joyful new skill today. Abundance!

You have an abundance of opportunities to explore and expand your own experience of life. You are precious and unique, born for your own special purpose. Yours, and yours alone. You can get off the treadmill of ordinary existence and step into your own extraordinariness. Abundance!

About the Author:
Copyright 2000 by Julie Jordan Scott Julie
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